Using Your Corporate Credit Card as a Cash Flow Management Tool

Chasing payments and reconciling accounts that never quite match... midmarket finances can feel like a never-ending financial soap opera. Wouldn't it be grand to ditch the drama? Numarqe can assist you in smoothing over cash flow hiccups with Numarqe's intuitive platform for real-time insights and a streamlined approach to employee expense management. It may not make you a financial whizz, but it could well put the smile back on your accountant's face.

Numarqe: Your Cash Flow Management Power Tool 🔨

Businesses of all sizes need tools to tackle cash flow fluctuations and reduce financing costs. Numarqe takes the concept of corporate credit cards to the next level, providing midmarket companies with a powerful solution to optimise cash flow, streamline operations, and keep firms in a healthy financial position.

3 Ways Numarqe Transforms Cash Flow Management

1. Spreading Expenses, Maximising Cash Flow

Midmarket businesses inevitably face cash flow gaps, but Numarqe is here to bridge those gaps. With up to 30 days of interest-free credit, you can make essential payments, maintain positive supplier relationships, and avoid costly interest charges. Numarqe even offers favourable payment terms. And for suppliers who don't accept cards, Numarqe's innovative solutions will streamline payments.

Numarqe's credit cards also allow businesses to spread out large expenses while keeping financing costs low. This strategy can be significantly more cost-effective than upfront financing. Moreover, by using Numarqe cards responsibly, businesses can build a strong credit profile, unlocking access to more favourable credit terms down the line.

2. Streamlining Expense Management with Numarqe

Numarqe's intuitive online platform puts you in the driver's seat. A real-time view of card payments, balances, and spending analysis empowers data-driven cash management decisions. Multiple cards per account make employee expense management effortless for everyone involved. Staff can use company-issued cards directly, removing the hassle of reimbursements. Senior management gains instant spending overviews and can set customised limits, effectively controlling costs and minimising risk.

3. Effortless Accounting Integrations with Numarqe

Numarqe's credit cards seamlessly integrate with leading accounting software, creating a financial ecosystem tailored to your needs. This automation revolutionises several core processes:

  • Automated Expense Reconciliation: Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry. Numarqe syncs transactions, saving time, boosting accuracy, and increasing accounts payable or AP automation.
  • Receipt Capture and VAT Coding: Real-time receipt uploads and automated VAT coding ensure compliance and simplify tax reporting.
  • Insightful Financial Analytics: Numarqe provides a panoramic view of your spending, enabling strategic decision-making for maximum cost-efficiency.

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