Elevate, Expand, Explore:Funding That Moves the Travel World

Unlock up to 10x more credit than traditional lenders.

We see beyond the turbulence to unlock your growth potential, offering unparalleled flexibility in credit amounts and financing costs. Discover how Numarqe fuels your ambitions.

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Numarqe revolutionises business lending for the travel industry.

By supporting robust bookings and solid balance sheets, we underpin exceptional travel experiences and take you further, faster.

Agile credit that supports rapid growth 

Our flexible terms suit the needs of ambitious travel firms looking to capitalise on surging demand.

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Global purchases with virtual cards
Your teams can make instant purchases in multiple currencies, either within certain limits or from specific vendors. 
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Higher lending limits and more control
Fuel your growth ambitions with credit limits that outstrip traditional lenders and keep you in the driving seat.
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Rapid onboarding and a dedicated account manager

Swift digital onboarding at corporate and employee level and experienced account management.

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AI-Driven decisioning with a human touch
Harnessing the power of AI and human relationships to revolutionise business lending.
Access & repay credit in multiple currencies
Streamline global vendor management to always pay in the right currency and avoid the cost of currency conversion.
Make decisions locally without losing control
Centralised platform to view and control your users and their spend across the globe, empowering teams to make the right decisions fast.

Serving mid-size to major travel firms operating in the UK and globally.

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