Dynamic credit.
Made seamless.

Transforming working capital management for corporates
Join the credit revolution, break free from your current credit provider

How are we different?

Spend & repay in any currency
Dedicated account manager
Talk to us anytime
High Limits & Flexible Credit
Up to £1.5m per month
No collateral or personal guarantees required
Up to 90 days credit
With flexible repayment terms
Superior Accounting integrations
Auto-sync to reconcile your spending
Enterprise Grade Security
Integrate with your SSO, or use our multi-factor policies
Governance & Controls
Manage corporate policies and spend controls

How to get dynamic credit


Book a demo with our sales team

We'll run you through the features that matter to you
We'll gather details on your business and credit requirements

Onboarding you and your team

We'll get you setup within the platform
We'll train you on the fly, when we hand over the platform
No paperwork, digital onboarding
Account setup in the time it takes you to make a coffee

Start spending with your team

Allocate your credit into multicurrency subaccounts
Issue cards in seconds to your global team
Upload invoices and pay suppliers anywhere

Our features

Our partnership with this platform has transformed our facility management operations. The platform's user-friendliness, efficient transaction management, and direct receipt uploads have saved us valuable time and resources. It's a game-changer for our financial management. We couldn't be happier with the support and benefits it has brought to our company.
Kerry Shotton,
Finance Director, Anabas Group
Numarqe has truly transformed the way we manage our finances. The dashboard insights are a game-changer, providing us with instant clarity on our spending. We now have the control and oversight we've always needed, and the ability to create virtual cards quickly is nothing short of impressive. The flexibility Numarqe offers suits our ever-changing business demands perfectly. It's a platform that empowers us to excel.
Richard Williams,
CFO, Eames Consulting
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