Fuelling Financial Resilience in the Oil and Gas Sector: How Numarqe Empowers Service Providers to Thrive

Ever feel like your oilfield finances are more volatile than a Texas gusher? Like your expense reports could double as toilet paper for all the good they're doing? Well, Numarqe is here to make sure your cash flow doesn't go the way of the dinosaurs. We'll help you wrangle those rogue expenses, track your spending like a hawk, and ensure you're not left high and dry when the market takes a dip. Think of us as the financial equivalent of a sturdy pair of work boots – we'll keep you grounded when things get messy and help you step into a brighter (and richer) future.

Despite a generally favourable outlook, four significant concerns could affect the credit outlook in the oil and gas sector in 2024:

  1. Insufficient Supply Restraint from OPEC+ or Weaker Demand Growth
    The balance of the oil market relies on OPEC+ continuing to limit supply. Demand growth is expected to moderate but could decline further, particularly with China and India as key influencers.
  2. Government Interventions
    2022-2023 saw increased government involvement in the energy sector. There are ongoing and rising risks from regulation, taxation, and policy implementation impacting industry players.
  3. Reversal of Financial Discipline and Resilience Trends
    Recent rating upgrades have been driven by debt reduction, limited capital spending, and shareholder distributions limited to internally generated cash flows. These credit benefits could be undone if companies significantly increase investments, especially if operating cash flows decrease concurrently.
  4. Intensifying Environmental Risks
    Oil and gas activities are highly exposed to the uncertainties of the energy transition to net zero, which could potentially affect credit ratings.

Considerations of Risk in the Oil & Gas Sector

These major concerns present challenges for risk managers at oil and gas service provider companies for several reasons:

  1. High Number of Counterparties to Assess
    Large oil and gas companies, known as the “supermajors”, engage with numerous counterparties across various types, sizes, and geographies. Monitoring the financial stability of these firms during uncertain times is challenging, especially for SMEs that often lack comprehensive financial data.
  2. Country/Regional Differences
    Credit risk varies by region, necessitating country-specific assessments to account for differences. Regional nuances must be considered for a holistic view of aggregated underlying risk exposures to support informed business decisions.
  3. New Areas of Risk
    Climate risk is increasingly important for energy companies and their counterparties. More countries are pledging to achieve net zero emissions, indicating a significant decline in oil and gas use in the future.
  4. Low Default Yet High Impact Exposures
    New or expanding oil and gas projects are capital-intensive and complex, involving numerous financial counterparties and requiring unique qualitative analysis. Risk managers need to assess and monitor the underlying risks of these projects, which often lack the default data necessary for robust statistical models.

Solutions for Risk Management

To address these challenges, risk managers at oil and gas service providers need effective tools for managing and monitoring counterparty risk. This includes:

  • Automation and Standardisation
    Utilising automated processes and standardised templates and metrics to work efficiently.
  • Capturing High-Impact Risks
    Identifying and managing risks associated with high-impact exposures.
  • Understanding Climate-Related Transition Risks
    Assessing how climate-related transition risks affect both the company and its counterparties.

The oil and gas industry is a dynamic landscape characterised by fluctuating prices, complex supply chains, and significant capital investments. Service providers operating within this sector—whether involved in rig servicing, installations, maintenance, decommissions and dismantling or other critical operations—face unique financial challenges. These challenges often stem from the industry's cyclical nature, volatile commodity prices, and the need to manage substantial operational expenses.

How do oil and gas service providers leverage credit lines to finance rig services and maintenance?

Oil and gas service companies often leverage credit lines to finance various aspects of their operations, including rig services, maintenance, and installations. These credit lines provide companies with the necessary funds to cover immediate expenses and invest in growth opportunities without relying solely on their cash reserves. Here's how oil and gas firms utilise credit lines for financing purposes:

Access to Immediate Funds

Oilfield factoring companies offer lines of credit specifically tailored to oil and gas contractors. These credit lines provide quick access to funds, allowing companies to cover operational costs, such as rig services, excavation, and maintenance, in a timely manner.

Financing Strategic Transactions

In some cases, oil and gas service companies may use credit lines to finance strategic transactions. For example, Simpson Thacher advised on financing for Superior Energy's strategic transaction, which involved creating a new publicly traded company. This demonstrates how credit lines can be utilised for larger-scale initiatives within the industry.

Acquisition Financing

Various Banks provide financing options for the acquisition of oilfield service companies. By securing credit lines for acquisitions, oil and gas firms can expand their business footprint and enhance their service offerings to better cater to the needs of big oil and gas companies.

Asset Financing

Asset finance can also play a role in helping oil and gas service companies acquire essential equipment and assets for rig services and maintenance. This type of financing allows companies to spread the cost of assets over time while maintaining liquidity for other operational needs.

Overall, credit lines serve as a valuable financial tool for oil and gas service companies working with the big oil and gas supermajors. Whether it's for daily operational expenses, strategic transactions, acquisitions, or asset financing, credit lines provide the flexibility and financial security needed to support rig services, installations, maintenance, and other crucial aspects of the industry.

Common Financial Hurdles Facing Oil and Gas Service Providers

  • Cash Flow Volatility
    The oil and gas industry's cyclical nature often leads to fluctuating revenues for service providers. Periods of high demand may be followed by downturns, making cash flow management a constant balancing act.
  • Capital-Intensive Operations
    Rig servicing, installations, and maintenance require significant upfront investments in equipment, technology, and personnel. Securing adequate financing for these capital expenditures is crucial for business growth and competitiveness.
  • Complex Financial Instruments
    Oil and gas service providers often rely on specialised financial instruments such as revolving credit lines, working capital loans, and project financing to manage their operations. Navigating these complex financial tools can be daunting, especially for smaller firms.
  • Operational Expenses
    Day-to-day expenses like payroll, fuel, equipment maintenance, and logistics can quickly add up, straining cash flow and profitability.
  • Tax Credits and Incentives
    The oil and gas industry is subject to various tax credits and incentives, such as those for marginal well production, railroad track maintenance, or motor fuel income. Understanding and utilising these credits effectively can be a complex task.

How Numarqe Transforms Financial Management in the Oil and Gas Sector

Numarqe, a leading embedded credit and technology platform, has emerged as a game-changer for oil and gas service providers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, Numarqe offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to address the sector's unique financial challenges.

Cash Flow Optimisation

  • Conquering Cash Flow Volatility in the Oilfield
    Numarqe's real-time insights provide a clear view into project-specific spending. This empowers proactive cash flow management, allowing oil and gas service providers to anticipate fluctuations caused by commodity prices, project timelines, or unexpected operational costs. With this foresight, resources can be allocated strategically to cushion any financial shocks and maintain operational momentum.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making for Oilfield Success
    Numarqe's AI-powered analytics engine goes beyond basic reporting, uncovering hidden patterns and trends within a company's operational and financial data. This empowers decision-makers to optimise budgets, identify areas for cost reduction—such as fuel consumption or equipment maintenance—and make informed strategic choices that drive profitability even in volatile market conditions.
  • Flexible Financing for Oil and Gas Projects
    Numarqe's AI-driven credit assessments provide oil and gas service companies with access to flexible credit lines that adapt to the unique needs of the industry. Whether funding a new rig installation, covering maintenance costs during a downturn, or investing in innovative technologies, Numarqe ensures financial agility to seize opportunities and navigate challenges.
  • Supplier Financing Made Easy
    Numarqe's dedicated module simplifies the management of payables, offering extended payment terms to vendors and suppliers. This strengthens relationships within the supply chain, improves cash flow visibility, and provides greater financial flexibility for both parties.

Operational Efficiency

By automating time-consuming tasks like expense reporting, invoice processing, and vendor payments, Numarqe frees up valuable time for finance teams. This allows them to focus on strategic initiatives, financial analysis, and driving growth, rather than getting bogged down in paperwork.

  • Streamlining Global Oil and Gas Operations
    With multi-currency accounts and seamless integration with industry-standard accounting software, Numarqe simplifies international payments for equipment, materials, and cross-border transactions. This eliminates the complexities of currency exchange, reduces transaction fees, and minimises administrative burdens, allowing teams to focus on core operations.
  • Accounting Integrations
    Seamlessly integrate Numarqe with your existing oil and gas accounting software, such as those specialising in joint venture accounting or production revenue tracking. Eliminate manual reconciliation and gain access to accurate, real-time financial reporting tailored to the industry's specific needs.
  • Eliminating Administrative Bottlenecks
    Numarqe liberates your finance team from the administrative quicksand of expense reports and reimbursements. Automated expense tracking, digital receipts with VAT capture, and customisable approval workflows streamline processes, reduce errors, and free up time for more strategic tasks.
  • Financial Transparency and Risk Mitigation
    Mitigate the risks of errors and fraud associated with manual financial processes. Numarqe's centralised platform ensures transparency, accountability, and compliance with industry regulations and internal spending policies.
  • Boosting Employee Satisfaction in the Field
    Empower your workforce with Numarqe's user-friendly mobile version. This allows field personnel to easily submit expenses, track project costs, and access real-time financial information. This eliminates out-of-pocket expenses, reduces reimbursement delays, and keeps your team focused on their core responsibilities.

Financial Risk Mitigation

  • Enhanced Transparency and Control across the Corporate Group
    Numarqe's centralised multi-entity platform accommodates global group structures, and provides a comprehensive view of financial performance, enhancing transparency and reducing the risk of errors or fraud.
  • Stronger Financial Governance
    Custom spending limits, approval workflows, and real-time expense tracking help ensure compliance and financial accountability.

Streamlined Spending, Elevated Control

  • Virtual & Physical Cards
    Issue virtual and physical credit cards to employees instantly. No additional paperwork is required. Easily set spending limits and restrictions by role or department, ensuring budget adherence and minimising the risk of overspending.
  • Credit Lines That Flex
    Numarqe's AI-powered underwriting doesn't punish oil and gas companies for operating in a volatile industry. Access credit lines up to 10x higher than traditional lenders, tailored to your financial health and growth trajectory.
  • Big Purchases, No Problem
    Need to make a large one-off payment for rig maintenance or a bulk purchase? Numarqe can adjust single transaction limits on request, providing flexibility when you need it most.

Real-world Use Case: Numarqe in the field

Empowering Empowering Oil and Gas Service Providers

  • Daily Spending Limits
    Numarqe allows companies to set daily spending limits for each employee, ensuring budgetary control without restricting essential purchases.
  • Flexible Merchant Control
    While the option to limit merchants exists, Numarqe understands the importance of flexibility in the field. Employees can spend where they need to, ensuring projects stay on track.
  • Unplanned Expenses, No Problem
    Unexpected costs are a reality in field and project work. With Numarqe, employees can easily submit receipts for reimbursement, even if the initial purchase exceeds their limit. Any non-policy spending can be deducted from their salary, streamlining the process and avoiding administrative headaches.
  • Simplified Expense Tracking
    Numarqe centralises all expenses, providing real-time visibility and simplifying reconciliation. This enhancesr cash flow management, reduces the risk of fraud or errors and allows for better tracking so spending is reconciled according to your chart of accounts expense and project reporting categories.
  • Lost Card Management
    In case of a lost or stolen card, your organisation can instantly issue a virtual replacement, ensuring minimal disruption to field operations. No more waiting on the phone and waiting days for replacements. Issue a replacement virtual card in minutes.

Global Reach and Multi-Currency Capabilities

  • Worldwide Acceptance
    Numarqe cards are accepted in over 210 countries and territories, making them ideal for international oil and gas projects.
  • Multi-Currency Support
    Firms can issue cards in multiple currencies (GBP, EUR, USD), allowing for seamless transactions in local currencies while controlling repayment in the preferred base currency.

Numarqe Advantages for Oil and Gas

  • Multi-Entity Onboarding
    Numarqe supports global enterprises with multiple entities, providing a consolidated view of spending across the organisation.
  • Unparalleled Security
    Virtual and physical cards, along with advanced security measures, protect against fraud and unauthorised spending.
  • Dynamic Credit Management
    Real-time credit allocation and management tools allow for agile adjustments based on project needs and financial objectives.

Empowering Oil and Gas Service Providers with Numarqe

By leveraging Numarqe's innovative financial solutions, oil and gas service providers can transform their financial management and gain a competitive edge. Whether it's improving cash flow visibility, optimising operational efficiency, mitigating financial risks, or maximising tax benefits, Numarqe empowers businesses to focus on their core competencies and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

As the oil and gas industry evolves, embracing technological advancements like Numarqe are crucial for service providers to remain competitive and achieve long-term financial success. With its comprehensive suite of tools and expert guidance, Numarqe is well-positioned to help oil and gas service providers navigate the industry's financial complexities and thrive in the years to come.

Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the financial landscape for the oil and gas industry.

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