Funding that fuels recruitment firms' ambitions

Unlock up to 10x more credit than traditional lenders.

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility in credit amounts, repayment terms and financing costs. Discover how Numarqe fuels your recruitment business.

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Numarqe revolutionises business lending for recruitment firms.

We bring the perfect blend of human insight and cutting-edge technology to offer dynamic credit precisely aligned with your working capital cycle.

Increased lending limits

Fuel your business’ ambitions with credit limits surpassing traditional lenders.

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Global purchases with virtual cards
Empower recruitment firms to make instant, global purchases of any realistic size.
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Flexible financing aligned with your working capital cycle
Tailored credit and terms to suit your business’s working capital needs.
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Rapid onboarding at corporate and employee level

Swift and seamless digital onboarding for immediate access to funding.

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AI-Driven decisioning with a human touch
Harnessing the power of AI and human relationships to revolutionise business lending.
Fairness and flexibility for recruiters
Access the lending levels you deserve on the most advantageous terms and transparent pricing.
Comprehensive controls and total visibility
Manage your corporate cards and spend at the click of a button, from individual employees to the business as a whole.

Serving mid-size and enterprise recruitment firms operating in the UK and globally.

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